G’Day from our Boutique Meats up and coming specialists – our apprentices!

Boutique Meats is proud to introduce you to our two young go-getters Sam Tango and Zane Donald.

Sam is enrolled in a school-based apprenticeship program, so our head butchers have taken him under their wings to teach him all about the craft of butchery. When he’s not at the shop rolling our delicious rissoles, you’ll find him working a second job at the IGA! Sam is the King of time management – between his two jobs and finishing school, he still finds time to for his number one hobby: motorcycles!

Zane is our full-time apprentice and has been with us for three years. Working under our head butchers, he has proven himself to be an up-and-coming Boutique Meats Specialist. Under watchful eyes, Zane has been taught how to lovingly cut a range of meat products, he has learned to identify all cuts from a carcass – we’ll quiz him soon! When he’s not in the shop you’ll find him riding and working on his motorcycles.

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