Butterflied Chicken

Product Profile: Butterflied Chicken

There are three advantages to cooking our marinated and butterflied chicken over a whole chicken:

  • A flat chicken cooks quicker
  • It’s easier to marinate
  • It cooks more evenly (meaning crispier and tastier skin, yum!)

To butterfly a chicken means to simply cut along each side of the backbone and flatten the chicken. Butterflying the chicken helps to reduce the cooking time, meaning you can have a roast chicken dinner without all the fuss.

To make it even easier, our Meat Specialists have developed a number of superb marinades for you to choose from. All that’s left for you to do is pop it straight onto the BBQ grill.

The best part about butterflied chicken is that the skin is all on one surface so when you put it under the grill you get crispy skin all the way across, delicious!

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