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We offer some of the best value & quality bulk meat in QLD. All of our bulk produce is either certified Meat Standards Australia (MSA) or Grass Fed Beef. This guarantees that the cattle have been grown, fed and dispatched in accordance with the MSA standards and requirements. MSA is a ‘tenderness guaranteed’ grading program that grades beef based on eating quality.

You can be assured that our Grass fed beef and MSA beef have been fed no growth promoting hormones and no antibiotics!

FULL BODY – $11.00/kg –  Between 109kgs – 220kgs

FULL SIDE – $11.50/kg – Between 95kgs – 105kgs

HALF SIDE – $12.00/kg – Approximately 50kgs

HIND QUARTER – $13.00/kg – Approximately 50kgs


Use the buttons below to download a Bulk Information Form. Use the drop down options to choose your cut up preferences.. Email back to us – ORDERS@BOUTIQUEMEATS.COM.AU

Alternatively, give us a call 0427 613 823 and we can help you with any product or ordering questions


Delicious locally sourced PORK! Delivered fresh and cut to your liking.

FULL BODY – $11.50 PER KG – Between 50kg – 60kg

FULL SIDE – $11.50 PER KG – Between 25 – 30kg

HIND QUARTER – $15.00 PER KG – 12kg – 14kg


Sourced from the green pastures of Tasmania and Victoria, our quality lamb options are real value for money!

 FULL BODY – $14.50 PER KG – Between 20kg – 26kg

FULL SIDE – $15.50 PER KG – Between 10kg – 12kg